Household Items You Can Make With Mica Powder

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Household Items You Can Make With Mica Powder

Many people are starting to make their own household supplies instead of buying them from the store. While making your own supplies takes longer, it gives you the opportunity to customize them and create what you need. One creative supply you can use to make and color your homemade items is mica powder. Keep reading to learn about some household items you can make with mica powder.

Cool Coasters

Coasters are a basic household item everyone needs to protect the surfaces around their homes. Unfortunately, the ones on the market don’t match everyone’s home aesthetics, which can force people to choose between functionality and design. Instead of making that choice, you can make your own coasters with epoxy resin and mica powder. Get a mold in the shape you want for your coaster, follow the directions to mix the epoxy resin, add your desired mica powder color, and create cool coasters for your home.

Custom Furniture

Building custom furniture from scratch requires skills and supplies that many people don’t have. You can still create a unique piece with old furniture, though. All you need is that old piece of furniture, a way to sand it down, and the paint and mica powder you want. Sand off the old stain or paint on the furniture, paint it the color you want, and apply mica powder when the paint is partially dry. You can also mix mica powder into a custom paint color.

Fishing Gear

While fishing gear isn’t a common household item for people who don’t fish, avid anglers know that they need lots of supplies for a successful fishing trip. Making some of those supplies yourself can help save money and allows you to customize what you want. You can use mica powder to color homemade fishing lures, although there are some mistakes you should avoid making when you undertake this project, such as not using a paint stand and forgetting to waterproof them. If you can avoid making mistakes, you can create great custom gear that you’ll enjoy using during your next fishing adventure.

There are lots of household items you can make with mica powder. Mica powder is a safe ingredient to use in many epoxy resin projects, not just the coasters we mentioned above, so you can use it to make jewelry and tables as well. It’s also skin-safe, which means you can use it in various homemade beauty supplies as well. However you choose to use it, mica is a versatile craft supply you should always keep on hand.