How Many Times a Year Should You Wax Your Car?

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How Many Times a Year Should You Wax Your Car?

When was the last time you waxed your car? If it’s been a while, you may want to break out the wax and apply a fresh coat. But how many times a year should you wax your car?

How Often Should You Wax Your Car?

Keeping your car’s exterior safe with a capable wax coating is crucial to maintaining your vehicle’s lustrous appearance and protecting it from destructive elements. But how many times a year should you wax your car? Once a year? Twice a year?

Many factors determine how often you should apply a wax coating to your vehicle. The most prominent factors are your location (if you’re near saltwater) and the weather conditions there. But, in general, most experts recommend applying a fresh wax coating to your vehicle once every three months or so.

If you don’t drive your car daily and it mostly sits in a garage, you probably don’t need to apply wax as often.

Why Wax Is Important for Your Car

Is applying a wax coating to your vehicle worth all the trouble? Is it that important to your car besides making it look shiny?

Yes! Waxing your car isn’t just about keeping up with appearances but ensuring that your vehicle’s exterior remains sufficiently protected from the elements.

Keeps Paint From Fading

Every day you drive your vehicle, you expose it to many elements that could damage and fade the paint job. The wind, salt, and especially UV rays take their toll on a vehicle’s paint. But with a shield of wax, the paint can stay lustrous and shiny for longer.

Wax provides a clear coating of protection to your vehicle’s exterior that it needs to battle the elements like the sun. Wax is especially vital to protect your vehicle’s paint job in the summer. Without protection, your car’s paint could fade dramatically and significantly lower the vehicle’s resale value.

Protects Against Scratches

A wax coating doesn’t just protect your vehicle from the wind and the sun; it also gives it protection against scratches and dirt. Without wax, you could scrub dirt and dust particles into the car’s paint every time you wash your vehicle, doing more harm than good.

Plus, without wax, a scratch could cause more severe damage to your car than you may think. A scratch is like an open wound for a vehicle, allowing dirt and salt into the exterior where rust can get in and take hold.

Makes Your Car Look New

Wax isn’t only about making your car look shiny, but that is a perk! Today, it’s never been easier for car owners to apply a protective wax to their vehicle’s exterior to make it shine like new (or even better).

Try it once, and you’ll get hooked on how your car looks after a brand-new wax coating. You’ll find yourself driving your vehicle around more to show off its new, polished appearance!