How To Add Storage Space to Your Mobile Home

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How To Add Storage Space to Your Mobile Home

If you rent or own a mobile home, you may occasionally feel like you don’t have enough storage room. If you’re wondering how to add storage space to your mobile home, here are some of the best options for you and your household.

Construct an External Shed

One of the most accessible options for creating more space is buying and installing a separate shed. Sheds are perfect for storing holiday decorations, yard equipment, and other items that may not need to stay in the house all year. If you have space on your property, an external shed is a hassle-free and cost-effective method to gain a large amount of storage space.

Look Underneath Your Home

Some manufactured homes already have available storage space beneath them, and it’s possible to add even more. Beneath your home are pipes and other vital fixtures, but the skirting that protects everything under your home allows you to add additional storage for boxes and other items. You may need to install new skirting to create space; using an online skirting calculator is a helpful step in figuring out sizes that best work for your home’s needs.

Add Bed Risers

When looking for small and simple ways to add storage space to your mobile home, sometimes the answer is in your own bedroom. A 20-dollar set of bed risers lifts your bed higher off the ground, giving you more room to put boxes or other storage containers. For those worried the boxes ruin the room’s aesthetic, consider adding a bed skirt for concealment with a touch of visual flair.

Build a Deck

For a more extreme solution, adding a deck to the front or back of your mobile home dramatically increases your space, assuming you utilize the space underneath for storage. Adding a deck is a costly and time-consuming project but provides a great place for relaxing or hosting cookouts, on top of the additional storage room it creates.