How To Build a Meaningful At-Home Memorial Display

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How To Build a Meaningful At-Home Memorial Display

It’s challenging to know how to build a meaningful at-home memorial display if you don’t know where to start. After all, your loved one was a vibrant, three-dimensional person with a unique energy. Thus, it’s difficult to imagine trying to fit all that life force into an arrangement of photographs and remembrance items. Believe us; we get it.

But the truth is, memorial displays can bring you comfort, especially on days when you’re missing this person. For this reason, we encourage you to take a look at how to arrange an at-home display that commemorates your loved one. You never know; it might just be the thing that puts a smile on your face.

Select the Perfect Place

Choosing the perfect place for your display is the first step in learning how to build a meaningful at-home memorial display. This arrangement is going to be very personal and close to your heart. So, we encourage you to take your time and select an area based on what you’re comfortable with.

Moreover, pick a spot your loved one would have appreciated. Perhaps your late husband was a very private person, and you want to honor that. If so, a more secluded area like your bedroom wall would be an excellent place for your display. In any case, selecting an ideal location for your memorial display will ensure that you get the most comfort and joy out of it. Choose wisely.

Gather Remembrance Items

Once you pick the perfect spot, it’s time to start filling it with remembrance items vital to you. Remember, this is your arrangement. Thus, you can use whatever you like to commemorate your lost loved one. Many folks like to start by arranging a few of their favorite photos of the deceased. You can use portraits and family photos to craft a heartfelt arrangement.

If the deceased was cremated, you might use their urn to create a focal point for your display. You can also frame funeral cards, obituaries, or even clippings of your loved one’s favorite scripture or poems. Then, trickle them into the arrangement of pictures you include in your display.

Some people find a lot of comfort in placing a bottle of the deceased’s favorite perfume as part of their arrangement. Filling a vase with their favorite flowers from the garden and using it as a part of your memoriam is another excellent way to go. Whatever objects you choose, what matters is that they bring you comfort and remind you of your lost loved one.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Creative

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with branching out a bit. That is to say if there’s something else you’d like to add to your memorial display—go for it! Perhaps your brother adored monsteras. If so, your memorial display is a perfect place to house a few of these beautiful plants. Plus, you get to nurture a vibrant, new life while honoring the person your brother was while alive.

You can achieve the same effect by adding twinkle lights or other types of decor that your loved one would have appreciated. Just keep in mind that you’re building a display to honor the passing of someone close to you. So, fill it with things they’d appreciate, make sure it’s a comfort to you, and don’t be afraid to get creative.