How To Improve Your Visibility While on the Road

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How To Improve Your Visibility While on the Road

If you’re struggling to get a clear view, driving can be a dangerous task. You’ll miss dangerous situations, changing conditions, and important road signs which can all contribute to an accident.

Worried about your safety? Here are some top tips on how to improve your visibility while on the road.

Use Your Headlights

Your headlights keep you safe at night and in inclement weather like fog, rain, and snow. Take good care of them. You don’t want a weak bulb or dirty, yellowed headlamp covers. Regularly replace the lightbulbs, and if your covers are old and faded, clean them. You should make sure your headlights are aimed correctly, too. If they’re uneven or pointed at an odd angle, they won’t work as effectively as they should. Apart from improving visibility, there are plenty of benefits to restoring your headlights.

Position Your Mirrors

Blind spots are a huge, underestimated safety issue. Thankfully, correcting them is simple. Angle your side mirrors so they’re facing fifteen degrees outward. When you give them a quick glance, you should see your surroundings—not the back end of your vehicle. By doing this, you’ll significantly minimize your blind spots. When it comes to mirrors, your posture is important, too. If you’re slumped in your seat, it’ll be harder to see. To increase your line of sight, sit upright. Having good posture reduces back pain and soreness, too.

Keep Your Windshield and Wipers Clean

Keeping your windshield and windows clean is crucial. Pollen, dirt, and snow can fog up your glass. Other debris, like bugs, bird droppings, and mud can also block your view. Wash your glass carefully. They might look clean in daylight, but when it gets dark, poorly washed windows are full of glare-reflecting streaks which can be dangerous. It might be tempting to wipe condensation off with your hands, but don’t. The oils from your skin can smear, worsening the issue. For the best results, you should use a gentle microfiber cloth. Make sure your wipers are in good condition, too. If they’re old, warped, or bent, they won’t clear your windshield very well. To prevent this, you should frequently replace them.

Reduce Distractions

Another way to improve your visibility while on the road is to reduce the number of distractions in your vehicle. Lights are a huge cause of glares and stray reflections. Keep your interior lights dim, and lower the brightness of your favorite navigation device, whether it’s a GPS or your phone.

Have an E‑Z Pass, air freshener, or pair of sunglasses hanging around? Make sure they’re not in the way. Avoid hanging things from your rearview mirror as they’ll dangle in the middle of your windshield obstructing your vision. Do you keep papers, manuals, and other supplies on your dashboard? Don’t let them pile up. If you remove distractions and keep your sightline clear, you’ll have a much easier time when driving.