How To Increase Your Boat’s Value

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How To Increase Your Boat’s Value

Like with a car or your home, you want to ensure your boat has the greatest resale value possible should you ever want to sell it. More than that, learning how to increase your boat’s value is synonymous with good maintenance and upgrading your vessel. Allow us to make a few recommendations that will keep your boat afloat and yourself proud to be her captain.

Regular Maintenance

Thorough and regular maintenance is the first practice you want to get into the habit of. Forming a routine of washing your boat and changing out the fluids will keep it from rusting and ensure its components, like the engine, running smoothly.

As you’re washing your boat, you’ll want to keep an eye out for damages. Components like the propeller are often exposed to hazards and you may need to replace them if you notice any damages or irregularities in their performance.

Advantages of LED Lighting

Everything looks better under good lighting. Adding LEDs to your vessel is both a stylish and energy-efficient addition that will give your boat a personal touch. This adds to the boat’s value as a custom upgrade, and when used correctly, can become very desired. Nothing is more luxurious than cruising at night with soft, comfortable mood lighting that will really stand out from other boats.

Improving the Interior

While the outside of your boat may look impressive, you want to make sure the interior of your boat is just as comfortable to relax in. Many boats come with carpeting that can be an absolute nightmare to clean and maintain when mildew and mold take hold. A good upgrade to solve this issue is with marine vinyl. It’s much easier to maintain and clean while still providing an attractive interior look.

If your boat has canvas, no matter how well you look after it, it will eventually start feeling the wear and tear of being exposed to the elements. If you’re not intending to sell in the near future, you can get some extra use out of a worn canvas, but you should certainly replace it before selling to make your boat look fresh and newer.

Add Amenities

What’s better than spending time on the water with a couple of good pals? Cracking open a cold one with friends. Adding amenities such as a minifridge or sound system are highly desired luxuries that will be incredibly enticing to potential buyers. This is not only a great way to increase your boat’s value but an upgrade you can enjoy yourself in the meantime. Don’t be afraid to customize your vessel with the amenities you like best.