How to Keep Your Car Clean with Grandkids

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How to Keep Your Car Clean with Grandkids

Grandchildren are the apple of their grandparents’ eyes. These little ones remind their elders of their youth, and their smiles bring so much joy to their loved ones. However, as adorable as they are, youngsters can be quite messy. This sentiment is especially true during car rides. This guide on how to keep your car clean with grandkids will protect your wheels from the kiddos’ untidy habits.

Air Fresheners

Every grandparent has picked up their grandkids from soccer practice or ballet. After running around all day, little ones are sweaty and stinky. Unfortunately, these odors will linger in your vehicle during the ride home. One way to prevent this from happening is to buy high-quality air fresheners for your ride. These products will combat bad smells, so you aren’t thinking about it the entire drive. Remember to replace the air freshener every few weeks once it stops doing its job. Air fresheners will keep your automobile smelling pleasant long after you’ve dropped off the children at home.

Storage & Trash Options

It’s a grandparent’s job to spoil their grandchildren. Sometimes, this means stopping for treats on the way home and finishing them before mom and dad find out. As thrilling as the experience is, this usually means that leftover trash stays put in your vehicle. That’s why every grandparent should think about getting more storage and trash containers for their ride. No granny or grampy can have too many cupholders. Consider buying some more and placing them throughout your car for the kids to use. Also, it’d be helpful if you bought a trash bag for your ride. This way, the kiddos can tuck their trash in there before they head inside.

Wash it Regularly

One of the most vital things you can do to keep your car clean is to wash it regularly. This rule is especially important for grandparents who drive youngsters around a lot. Please, wipe away any tiny fingerprints that made their way onto the windows. Children also have a knack for dirtying up an automobile’s exterior. Consider looking into the different types of car waxes so that you can restore your ride’s shine. Try your hardest to make the at-home car wash fun, too. Perhaps enlist your grandkids’ help to make it an activity everyone can enjoy.

Follow this guide on how to keep your car clean with grandkids if you’re always driving the little ones around town. Grandparents have a hard time being tough on their grandchildren. Yet, it’s important that they respect your space and aren’t too rambunctious while their parents aren’t around. Remind the kiddos that, if they get your vehicle too messy, they’ll be helping you wash it in the future.