How To Know Your Car Needs a Tune Up

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How To Know Your Car Needs a Tune Up

Whether cars are a passion, a hobby, or an unknown for you, there’s no denying how important they are to daily life. Because we use them so regularly, it can be easy to think that they run perfectly fine when something could actually be in dire straits. There are some clear signs to watch out for that signal a car is in need of service. Here’s how to know your car needs a tune up before something unfortunate happens at an inopportune time.

Your Gas Mileage Seems To Be Getting Worse

If you start to notice that your car guzzles a lot more gas than it once did, it may be time to get it checked out. There are many things that can contribute to an engine inefficiently using fuel; even something like unaligned tires can reduce your gas mileage. Because this problem could mean so many different possibilities, it’s best to have a professional mechanic look at it just to be safe.

It’s Taking Longer To Start Up

Everyone knows that terrible feeling of turning the key in their car and not hearing it start up right away. Your car should not have trouble starting up if it’s in good condition. One common issue here is that your spark plugs are misfiring. A more annoying option is that your battery is on its last legs. You can fix both these problems rather easily, so don’t hesitate to do so as soon as possible.

You’re Experiencing Regular Stalls

Stalling out in your driveway or garage is a scary enough experience but imagine if it happened to you on the highway or in the middle of an intersection. Stalling may seem like just a nuisance, but it can worsen over time and put you in danger. Get your spark plugs or oil filter checked out and make sure they work properly before you take any real risk with your car again.

You Hear Noises You Haven’t Heard Before

Every noise being a huge issue for your car may be a common vehicle myth, but you do want to keep your ears open for sounds that come out of nowhere. Rattling, shaking, and random bangs are signs that your car isn’t currently working correctly. If you can get a recording of the sound, a mechanic will be better able to help you out when you bring your car in.

Your Car’s Steering Pulls To One Side

A clear sign that your car needs a tune up is if you start to feel yourself drift to one side over the other. When it’s safe, take your hands off the wheel for a second and see if your car starts to drift to the left or right. This can happen if your tires are misaligned, which can lead to very unsafe driving habits.