How To Make Sure Your Funeral Wishes Are Followed

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How To Make Sure Your Funeral Wishes Are Followed

In its own unique way, you may find comfort in arranging your own funeral plans. You may oversee your own funeral arrangements for various advantageous reasons, including the following:

  • Your final wishes are made clear
  • To relieve family tensions and stress over funeral planning
  • To save your family money

Of course, you arrange your posthumous plans with the notion that your loved ones will follow through with them. Still, dealing with loss and executing funeral plans may cause your loved ones to feel extreme stress, regardless of how laid out they are. With this guide on how to make sure your funeral wishes are followed; you can assure your loved ones will have an easier time fulfilling your last requests.

Separate Your Final Wishes From Your Will

Though you may incorporate your final wishes into your will, you should also create a separate document to outline them. Often, the will is not read until after the funeral has taken place.

A digital copy of your final wishes will be easy to edit and revise as necessary before printing. Whether you defer to physical or online copies, meticulously label the document.

Communicate Your Desires With Your Loved Ones

To best make sure your final wishes are followed, inform your loved ones that they exist. Inform your family and friends about your arrangements so that everyone is on the same page when it’s time to carry them out.

Share with loved ones whether you’d prefer a traditional funeral versus a celebration of life, both, or an entirely different kind of memorial service. Letting them know about your plans beforehand can provide much relief, as perfecting final arrangements is a stressful task for some folks.

Settle the Finances in Advance

On top of being strenuous for loved ones to configure, final arrangements can get costly. As mentioned, establishing your final wishes and settling the costs can alleviate your family’s financial pressure.

Paying for your final wishes ahead of time also ensures they’re followed through. Loved ones won’t have to sift through arrangement options, as you’ve already selected the one you want.

Assign a Durable Power of Attorney

A durable power of attorney is a legal document that appoints an individual to make decisions for you if you become incapacitated. Delegate someone you fully trust with this title, and communicate this decision with them.

Since this person will determine all end-of-life decisions you won’t be able to make ahead of time, it’s crucial you outline as much as possible for them. Ample communication is one of the greatest assets to ensuring your final wishes are fulfilled.