How To Make Your Family Vacation Feel More Luxurious

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How To Make Your Family Vacation Feel More Luxurious

While the perfect luxury vacation may not be feasible every year, you can always add a few high-end elements to a regular family getaway. Whether it’s a day at the spa or a couple of nights at an elegant hotel, make your family vacation feel more luxurious with these pointers.

Plan Early

The key to getting luxury accommodations at a reasonable price is timing. Book your vacation as far in advance as you can, and keep your eyes peeled for sales and promotions. The closer to your departure you book those travel tickets or hotel rooms, the more expensive they will be. Make those reservations ASAP!

Find Newer Hotels

A week’s stay in an established luxury hotel can get pricey quickly. But what about hotels that just opened, or recently underwent renovations? New hotels often offer steep discounts for rooms as they find their footing in the city.

Book a Car Service

Some city folk will say that waiting on the curb to hail a cab is an essential part of the experience. Ignore their chatter and look up luxury car services for rides to and from the airport. New York City in particular is famous for its traffic; if you want to add elegance to an NYC trip, book a black car service to get you from the airport to your hotel. Travel in supreme elegance and style!

Ask for Upgrades

When you reach your hotel, politely ask the front desk if they have any upgrades or special promotions available. Get there early if you can, and if your hotel has a loyalty program available, sign up before you check in. The worst they can say is no—but the best they can say is yes! After all, there’s no harm in asking.

Avoid Tourist Traps

If you want to get great deals on top-tier food, lodging, and activities, avoid places where tourists tend to congregate. Ask the locals where they like to eat or spend time; you’ll save money and avoid the stress of large crowds from out of town. Feel less like a tourist and more like a seasoned traveler!

If you want to add luxury to your next family vacation, timing is of the essence. Book your trip as early as possible and keep an eye out for reduced prices wherever you can. That way, you won’t be pressed for money during your vacation and you can kick back and relax.