How To Plan a Memorable Retirement Party

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How To Plan a Memorable Retirement Party

After all the years they’ve spent on the job, a retirement party only seems right. Whether they were a contractor, writer, accountant, lawyer, or doctor, they deserve a proper send-off to celebrate their years of service. Here are some tips to plan a memorable retirement party and make the guest of honor feel truly appreciated.

Find a Theme

Every party needs a theme, and a retirement party is no different. Coming up with a theme is a great way to make the event more memorable. Themes help create emotions, and sometimes, people remember how they felt during an event rather than the event itself.

Find a fun theme that emphasizes the years the guest of honor spent on the job. Base the theme on whatever the honoree most enjoys or is passionate about. If they have a knack for collecting, tell everyone to show up with an item to add to their collection. This always helps get the gift situation out of the way.

Send the Invites

When it comes to invites, you want to include more than colleagues. Invite friends and family, as well! Any and everyone who has made an impact on them should be included in the invites. Consider sending out an invite to other people they’ve worked with.

Focus on the companies they worked at that relate to their profession. You don’t need to send out invites to old coworkers from their first job as a teenager. If they have college professors and mentors who helped them along the way, send out an invitation to them, too.

Plan for Transportation

Everyone can drive themselves, but booking transportation for your guests and honoree makes the event more special. One popular use for multi-passenger vehicles is special event accommodations. This shows you care for your guests. If they get a little carried away and plan to have unlimited fun, providing them with a safe way home shows your consideration.

Find vehicles classy and spacious enough to hold many guests. Book the vehicles ahead of time and let your guests know on the invitation that you will provide transportation.

Find the Perfect Venue

Don’t turn the retirement party into a regular office party. Holding it in the conference room doesn’t really scream celebration. The only statement a conference room party makes is “gathering.” Find a venue that holds everyone and gives you the freedom to decorate it the way you want.

If your theme calls for extravagant decorations, you need a venue large enough to accommodate. It’s also a good idea to have the party catered and include a big cake to close out the evening. Hiring a band or a DJ is a good idea—everyone loves music! Make sure there is an area where everyone can make their speeches.

Close out their years on the job the right way with a memorable retirement party so when they look back on their days of employment, they have the fondest memories.