How To Start Your First Garden

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How To Start Your First Garden

When you think about retiring, you probably think about all the time you’ll have to fill. If you have grandchildren, that can mean getting to spend more time with them—especially during the summer. If you’re still looking for more ways to pass the time between visits (or just for something to do), gardening is an inexpensive, fun, and rewarding hobby to start. Here are some tips for how to start your first garden.

Choose Your Plants

One of the first things you need to decide is what plants you’d like to grow. Fruits, vegetables, and flowers are all popular choices for beginning gardeners. Also, when you’re deciding, keep in mind that there are many companion plants that you can choose for your garden. These plants complement each other and can provide mutual benefits such as sharing nitrogen and warding off invasive pests.

Pick Your Tools

Once you’ve chosen the plants you’re going to grow, it’s time to get the proper tools for gardening. If you can afford it, avoid tools made of plastic. They’re less sturdy than their metal counterparts and contain chemicals that may damage your soil over time. Hoes, rakes, and shovels are all essential tools to have handy. Keep in mind that some plants may require other specific devices, so do your research for your garden.

Check Your Soil

Some plants require certain elements in their soil to thrive. You can pick your plants based on how the soil in your yard comes naturally, or you can work to build up the health of your soil and choose from a wider variety of plants. Any large grocery store with a home and gardening department will have soil and soil enrichers readily available to purchase. You can also ask an employee for the best products and brands to use when maintaining your soil. This is essential to learning how to build your first garden.

These are just the first steps in starting your first garden—once you have it ready to go, there is a lot of fun to be had in keeping everything healthy and attractive. And if you’re planting fruits and veggies, you can even start to harvest your garden for the freshest salads and snacks you’ve ever tasted!