How To Support a Friend Who’s Struggling With Their Faith

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How To Support a Friend Who's Struggling With Their Faith

By Phil Fischer 

We are living in challenging times. One consequence of these challenges has been a loss of faith. Even if you’ve been able to stay centered during this period, many people you know may have had their beliefs shaken to the core by the death and despair of the past year. If this concerns you, here’s how to support a friend who’s struggling with their faith.

Talk To Them

We could all use a friend right now—even if we have to talk to them through video chat instead of in person. If a friend feels spiritually adrift, make yourself available for discussion and support. Don’t be surprised if the talk turns into a spirited debate, and don’t take offense if your friend has some pointed words for the church or organized religion in general. What’s most important is making sure people know they’ll always be welcome back, even if they’re questioning their faith right now.

Give the Gift of Reading

The window for traditional gift-giving may have passed, but in a sense, that’s all the more reason to stand out from the pack and give a very important gift. Whether it’s the Bible, the Torah, the Quran, or other spiritual literature, it can be a thoughtful and considerate gift for anyone struggling. Even if your recipient already owns a copy, a new edition, like a King James Version of the Bible, can put a different spin on the same scripture.

Be a Good Listener

In times of personal and spiritual tumult, one of the best things you can do to support a friend who’s struggling with their faith is to listen—listen closely, thoughtfully, and without judgment. Don’t expect to be a master therapist who can counsel a friend back to a better place with the right words of wisdom and turns of phrase. As a friend, you should make sure they feel their concerns and questions are heard.

Phil Fischer 

Jesus Lives has been the go-to and different worship place for many people in Seattle and Bellevue, Washington. The mission of the church has been to inform and equip ever since. It has helped many believers and transformed atheists foster a good spiritual bond with God. 

Phil Fischer established the church, and he believes that it is a place where people come to build a relationship and deepen their faith with God. He opposes the demanding religious teachings that most churches and ministers believe in today. For instance, the church holds its services at 7:30 pm every Thursday and Saturday. 

Fischer’s philosophy is to help people feel comfortable following Christ’s teachings and not feeling stuck in worship places. They have to put on their true desires and calling to serve the lord happily. Jesus Lives is all about helping those in need and providing an anointing and a comfortable atmosphere for all. And he lets everyone who visits the church know that an encounter with the holy spirit will change their life.