Is Chemistry the Solution to Weight Loss?

It’s estimated that the weight loss industry is worth around $72 billion. Each year, millions of people attempt to lose weight in a variety of ways, only to feel let down and then try again the following year. They tend to think that their inability to lose weight was due to a lack of discipline. What they don’t realize and need to in order to be successful is that brain chemistry plays a big role in being able to lose weight.

“Weight loss success is not just all about the foods you are eating; there’s a lot more to it than that,” explains Dr. Robert “Bob” Posner, a world-renowned weight loss researcher and medical doctor who founded the Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program. “I’ve spent decades researching the brain chemistry behind weight loss, so I know what it takes to be able to be successful with it.”

After spending years researching weight loss, Dr. Posner took what he learned and turned it into a program he offers. The doctor-supervised weight loss program, called the Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program, is based on this science, providing patients with a Food and Drug Administration-approved appetite suppressant, called phentermine, to help curb the hunger pangs.

The program focuses on brain chemistry to help people successfully lose weight. The program focuses on carbohydrate cravings being the reason people have weight problems, combined with anxiety and stress-related eating. They are all systems of physiological irregularity in the brain known as serotonin imbalance.

According to Psychology Today, serotonin is nature’s own appetite suppressant. It reports that the powerful brain chemical curbs cravings and shuts off appetite. What that means for those trying to lose weight is that they will not feel hungry, and they will end up losing weight. Armed with the science behind how serotonin works with the brain chemistry to help people successfully lose weight, Dr. Posner began offering his serotonin-based weight loss program. Since its inception, he has helped many people around the world to meet their weight loss goals.

 “Everyone has a unique weight loss journey,” adds Posner. “My mission has been to help everyone be able to tap into the power of their own physical resources to not only lose weight, but to also improve overall quality of life.”

Dr. Posner’s weight loss program provides proven solutions paired with lifestyle and diet changes. It takes a holistic approach to weight loss, and is clinically tested and backed by scientific research. The positive effects of the program kick in within 1-2 weeks.

With decades of medical experience under his belt, along with his free webinars, Dr. Posner offers telemedicine appointments, weight loss products, and more. He founded the Potomac Internal Medicine Associates primary care office in 1988 and Serotonin-Plus, Inc. in 2002. He has helped thousands of people to successfully lose weight, and is the author of three weight loss-themed books. To learn more about him and the program, visit the site at: or

The Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program is doctor-supervised and focuses on the root cause of being overweight. Founded by Dr. Robert Posner in 2002, the program takes an approach to weight loss that considers the brain connection of serotonin imbalance. The program has helped over 20,000 patients to date. To learn more, visit the website: or