Is Fall the Best Season for Fly Fishing?

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Is Fall the Best Season for Fly Fishing?

When is the best time of the year to fly fish? While it mainly comes down to the individual preferences of the angler, many consider fall the best season for fly fishing and regular fishing.

Why is that? We’ll answer that and more as we dive into the benefits of fall fly fishing.

Less Traffic

Traffic is annoying on our highways and waterways! Summer may have the warmest weather, but it also brings out the largest numbers of anglers. The season is typically full of anglers on congested rivers and lakes.

In the fall, the temperatures drop, the days get shorter, and the fishing holes clear up in many areas. Many outdoor sports enthusiasts turn to hunting and other activities in autumn, but the true anglers know fall is the ideal time to get out on the water and catch a trophy.

Fewer anglers on the water mean less competition and more fish for you!

Mild Weather

Summer may have warmer weather, but for many parts of the country, that doesn’t mean a more comfortable fishing experience. Many anglers prefer the milder, cooler temperatures in fall over the hot, humid, and uncomfortable heat in summer.

The more comfortable weather means that anglers can stay out fishing for longer and don’t have to worry about things like sunburn, dehydration, or heat exhaustion.

Night Fishing

Another side effect of the fall season is that days become shorter and nights lengthen as daylight savings goes into effect. Also, the sun takes a lower voyage across the sky. For anglers, this brings another opportunity—fishing in the dark.

Night fishing offers many advantages to anglers, such as more active fish, even less traffic on the waterways, and cooler temperatures on hot days. If you find that the fish aren’t biting during the day, you may want to consider coming back when the sun goes down!

Pro-Tip: If you go fishing at night, get to your spot before the sun goes down so that you don’t have to navigate in the dark dangerously.

Prolific Hatches

One of the primary reasons why many anglers say fall is the best season for fly fishing is that there are many abundant hatches. More fly hatches mean hungrier and more active fish for anglers. Every region is different, but many parts of the country see the early fall as the busiest time for hatches.

Many flies hatch when the temperatures start to dip but before the first intense frost or freeze. Keep an eye on the weather and forecast to take advantage of fly hatches that’ll have fish coming to the surface for some grub!