Kids are Moving Back Home to Live with Parents – Here Are Some Moving Tips

The pandemic has caused much disruption in our lives, and for some that included the need to move. Some relationships couldn’t stand up to sheltering in place, while others realized life is too short or loneliness set in and decided to move in together.  For others it wasn’t about love, especially for millennials and Gen Z,  it meant moving back in with the parents due to loss of a job, a reduction in income or wanting to be closer to family.

A Pew Research Center report shows young adults are heading back to the nest at a rate not seen since The Great Depression.  In February 2020, 47% of young adults resided with one or both parents. That went up to 52% by July.  According to Pew’s analysis of monthly Census Bureau data, 2.6 million people total moved back home. According to a recent survey from Country Financial, one in five parents has had their adult child move back home with them.

Bellhop, the nation’s fastest growing moving company, today announced they are offering a special promotional discount to help with those needing to move back in with the parents.  All they have to do is use code “backhome10” when they book by calling 888-836-3939 and they’ll receive 10% off a labor only or local move. More info on Bellhop is at

With Bellhop’s seamless booking, the company was already prepared to provide an easy solution for obtaining on-demand movers. With its unique technology and user interface, Bellhop has created a moving experience that is more efficient, affordable and reliable than those found with traditional moving companies. Once the book is moved, the consumer manage their entire move online and the company also provides a photo with star-rating of movers to each customer 24 hours prior to the move. 

Since COVID-19, the company has established extensive precautions and adheres to all the CDC guidelines and has put together a list of moving tips for during the pandemic, which are listed below.

Use Safe Boxes – We’re all heard the stories that used boxes can be a virus carrier for 24 hours, so it is recommended you don’t use used boxes. Bellhop sells new boxes and other packing supplies, delivered directly to your door. Another option is to use sanitized plastic bins.

Work with Companies that have Established Strict Safety Practices and Guidelines: At Bellhop, all movers have been familiarized with the hygiene and social-distancing practices outlined by the WHO and CDC.

Additionally, the company is following CDC guidance to avoid large gatherings. Because of the way Bellhop’s platform is designed, each mover arrives independently to the residence, and every worker has deliberately chosen whether to accept the job. 

As stated above, given Bellhops is a digital company, outside of the actual move, all touchpoints of the move are virtual, with no large team gatherings or meetings. The majority of the communication with customers and movers is digital – including tipping that nice mover!

Bellhop is actively communicating with the workers on its platform to ensure they’re taking every precaution to remain healthy and safe. This includes:
·       Practicing CDC recommended hand-washing techniques and other prevention methods
·       Providing gloves to all movers to avoid physical contact
·       Staying home if they’re showing any symptoms of illness (whether related to COVID-19 or not)
·       Cleaning and disinfecting the moving equipment used on each job

Additionally, the company has set up a cross-functional, national response team, where they will continue monitoring COVID-19 updates. All actions taken will be based on the advice of governments, public health authorities, and medical professionals.

Use common sense: Wear masks, gloves, regularly wash your hands as you are packing and moving and practice social distancing. Bellhops are asking their customers to do the following:

•       Maintaining a 4-foot to 6-foot distance from movers and drivers as they work
•       Refraining from any participation in the move
•       Requesting that movers wash their hands before participating in a move
•       Cleaning furniture that is being moved (before your movers arrive)
•       Disinfecting items that have been padded and wrapped once they’re unwrapped
•       Disposing of all packing materials once the move is complete

Cancel/Reschedule if you Become Ill: Bellhop is waiving their cancellation and rescheduling fees if you need to cancel/change due to an illness or a COVID-19 issue.

About Bellhop

With over 200,000 moves booked through Bellhop and an average star rating of 4.8, unheard of in the industry, Bellhop is bringing Americans a better way to move. In 2019, Bellhop service providers carried and transported over 4.6 million boxes, totaling 72 million pounds.  Bellhop service providers also logged more than 375,000 miles, including one of the longest moves ever conducted by a Bellhop service provider from Hartford to Seattle. By pairing AI technology with best-in-class customer service, Bellhop is transforming the dated $18B moving industry, creating flexible work opportunities and changing the way Americans move from place to place. In total, Bellhop service providers spent more than 480,000 hours helping Americans get settled into their new lives.