Learning to Live Again After Losing Your Life Partner

The Lake Oconee Boomers Team

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After the sudden death of her husband of 33 years, Cherie Metcalf was brought the darkest place in her life. Questions of “why?”, “how can I go on?” and “when will it stop hurting?” persisted to roam Cherie’s heartbroken thoughts.

Event the simplest things of making dinner for one and attending church alone became almost impossible to continue without the support from her soul mate.

She then realized she had to fight it all to move on for the sake of her children and grandchildren and the time had come to write the book her husband had always encouraged her to write, “Blue Heart.”

With the help of this book, readers who are experiencing the loss of a loved one and those who are looking to rediscover the purpose in their lives, will become empowered to take control and rise above their pain.