Little Theater at Del Webb at Lake Oconee

The Lake Oconee Boomers Team

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In an attempt to widen the cultural base of resident activities at Del Webb at Lake Oconee, Little Theater was introduced 18 months ago. Sports such as pickleball and water volleyball were drawing impressive participation numbers, but the community needed something beyond a book club, quilting and card games to attract our 180-plus residents.

Theater on the Lake is on a four-production run including a murder/mystery/dinner affair and comedy skits written solely by our actors. The latest production, scheduled for Nov. 30 and Dec, 1, is a series of funny sketches on the yultide season. Attendance numbers like a record-breaking sellout of 173 for the first play in May, 2011, continued through the next two performances.

The plays are performed by mostly female residents. It’s difficult to entice males to become involved due to the memorization requirement. They did turn out for the self-written skits, however, which has been, to date, our most humorous event.

The current play, written by Pat Cook through a Talahassee, FL publishing company, will include among other sketches a “Santa Pop Quiz,” “And a Partridge in Ah-Choo” and “Advice From Mrs. Claus.” Our community chorus, the Del Tones, provides the musical background.

The Greensboro and Eatonton area is replete with professional drama groups. By comparision, Theater on the Lake is just approaching the cutting edge of looking and sounding like a professional organization. We rent a stage, have no curtain or microphones, scrounge for props and costumes, but possess plenty of energy and hope for the future of drama at our community.

For more information, please email Steve at or call 706 453-1070..