Maintenance Tips To Preserve Your Automatic Gate

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Maintenance Tips To Preserve Your Automatic Gate

Installing an automatic gate is an effective way to promote safety and security for your community, business, or property. Despite being relatively low maintenance, no automatic gate can last forever. Here are some maintenance tips to practice that will help preserve your automatic gate and prolong its lifespan between repairs.

Clean Your Gate

Cleaning your gate will not only keep it looking nice and presentable, but it will also prevent damage. You should aim to clean your gate at least once per year to help preserve the paint or other finish. Regularly cleaning your gate will also prevent rusting, which can impact the aesthetic appearance of your gate and eventually impact its functionality. One way to prevent rust buildup on your gate is to spray it down regularly to rinse and remove dirt accumulation.

Lubricate Working Parts

To keep your gate operating smoothly while opening and closing, be sure to lubricate its working parts regularly. You don’t have to grease the entire gate, but try to apply lubrication to working parts such as the chains, pulleys, wheels, and hinges. Each type of automatic gate utilizes different working parts to keep it moving, such as the internal chains that swinging and sliding gates utilize. Check with your manufacturer or gate manual to identify any additional parts that might need attention.

Prevent Pests

Whether you have a community gate guarding a residential area or a service gate for a business property, any type of gate is at the mercy of pests. Insects or small animals can find openings to burrow into or under your automatic gate, which can damage its working parts. Prevent pests by conducting regular gate inspections and setting traps if necessary. If you discover any openings in your gate’s frame, consider plugging or insulating them to make it more difficult for pests to find their way in.

By following these maintenance tips to preserve your automatic gate, you can extend the life of your automatic gate and schedule fewer service sessions and repairs. Start conducting regular gate inspections and performing these maintenance tips today.