Methods of Material Transport on Construction Sites

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Methods of Material Transport on Construction Sites

Whether you need to transport materials across a large construction site or up a tall building, doing so safely and efficiently is essential to achieving success on a project. Having to carry each material by hand, however, can significantly reduce the productivity of a construction site. As such, it’s important to acquire proper equipment that will allow workers to easily transport materials as quickly and easily as possible. Below, we will address some of the best methods of material transport during construction projects.

Construction Hoists

On projects where you need to transport materials vertically, construction hoists are a classic option. Also known as man-lifts, these hoists are especially popular when constructing high-rise buildings, bridges, and shipyards or conducting building renovations. In such instances, construction hoists help improve the safety and productivity of a project through quick and secure material transport.

Transport Platforms

When you need to transport materials on low-rise, low-construction sites, transport platforms provide an advantageous alternative to repeatedly climbing up and down stairs. Once secured in place, transport platforms can move at a maximum speed of 40 fpm (12 m/min)—as required by law—for safe and efficient material transportation.

While transport platforms provide the same material lifting strength as a conventional construction hoist, they operate much more quietly. In addition, transport platforms also have a smaller footprint, low electrical power requirements, and a relatively low cost. 

Open Deck Vehicles

In cases when you need to transport large, bulky materials to or across a construction site, open deck vehicles are often a useful option. When using an open deck vehicle—such as a flat deck truck or a semi-trailer attached to a tractor—to transport big and heavy materials, it’s imperative to ensure the materials are properly secured using special tie-down techniques that prevent them from becoming displaced during the transportation process. In addition, it’s also important to prepare appropriate loading and unloading equipment at all departure and arrival points for the safety of your workers.

Enclosed Vans and Trailers

Another method of material transport on construction sites is enclosed vans or trailers. In instances when the material being transported requires extra protection from the elements, enclosed vans and trailers are an ideal option. For example, furniture, appliances, or other household goods will likely require the added protection of an enclosed van or trailer for safe transport.