Necessities Every Construction Site Needs

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Necessities Every Construction Site Needs

Construction sites are grueling in terms of manual labor, and they can also pose some serious hazards to the construction workers themselves. As the foreman, it’s your job to keep your workers safe so they can stay productive and do their jobs efficiently. To this end, you should consider the different necessities every construction site needs.

Personal Protective Equipment

Every construction site needs personal protective equipment, or PPE, to prevent accidents and protect workers from harm. This includes items like hard hats and steel-toed boots. OSHA guidelines should prove helpful when deciding what equipment you should provide for your workers. Some equipment that may not spring to the forefront of your mind includes ear protection and high-visibility clothing. Construction sites can get very loud, and construction vehicles are so massive that drivers may experience difficulty seeing the people around them unless they’re wearing something highly visible.

Convenient Restrooms

Many foremen believe they can cut back on costs by having their workers seek out public facilities just to use the bathroom. This displays negligence as to the needs of your workers—plus, investing in portable restrooms will save you more money in the long run. Workers won’t need to spend as much time away from the site looking for a bathroom. Furthermore, having on-site restrooms with utilities like sinks rather than cheap portable toilets will keep your construction site more sanitary and prevent the spread of germs among workers.

Trash and Debris Disposal

You must keep up with the amount of trash, refuse, and debris that builds up during the construction process. This buildup can cause many accidents and lead to illness—for example, contracting tetanus from stepping on nails or suffering cuts and lacerations from broken glass. Keeping the construction site clear allows your workers to do their jobs with ease. Rather than spending the money on hospital bills, spend it on services that will clean up after your workers.