New Book Offers Transparent Look Into Living With Someone Else’s Alcohol Problem

“Blind Drunk” by Anne Morshead helps others see the signs of an alcohol problem and learn ways to detach with compassion

When a loved one is struggling with an alcohol problem it is natural to think you can help them, even change them. In Anne Morshead’s new book, Blind Drunk she challenges the reader to accept reality, learn how to detach from the other person’s problem and bring the focus back to the self, helping the reader to recover a less stressful and happier way of life.

Written in conversational style, Blind Drunk starts with Morshead’s own experience of this problem, the title being pertinent as her partner is visually impaired. She shares thoughts and feelings whilst exploring her motivations and how she was able to, eventually, alter her behavior. While educating the reader with important information about the drug ethyl alcohol, the book offers a deeper explanation of the situation, leading to peace and constantly giving the reader hope for the future.

“Recovery is a process, by living in the present moment, we are all better able to lessen our trials and tribulations and by examining our expectations we begin to understand the part we play in exacerbating these problems,” says Morshead. “There is light at the end of the tunnel for anyone in the same boat. When I finally stopped denying there was a problem and understood that I couldn’t manage it, learnt to mind my own business and detach with compassion, I started to recover from the effects which allowed my partner to be responsible and led to his sobriety.”

With excessive alcohol intake so ingrained in our society today, this book provides the tools to start the conversations that must take place when a loved one has an alcohol problem. With love, compassion, and a willingness to understand yourself, you can start taking the first steps to healing.

Blind Drunk: Light at the End of the Tunnel For Anyone Living With a Loved One’s Alcohol Problem
By Anne Morshead
ISBN: 978-1-4525-6364-0 (hc), 978-1-4525-6365-7(e), 978-1-4525-6363-3(sc) Price: $11.99 (sc)

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Balboa Press

About the Author: Originally from Marlow, Buckinghamshire in England, Anne trained and worked as a couple-counsellor with Relate for a number of years after running her own businesses in the retail sector. For the past twelve years, Anne has been living and working in Ireland where she met her partner.