Organ Donation: Anyone Can Save a Life


Every eleven minutes, someone in the United States is put on an organ transplant waiting list, according to The National Network of Organ Donors. They also state that every day, 75 people undergo an organ transplant operation.

With her new book, My Christmas Miracles and Other Stories About Organ Transplant, registered nurse Mary Saubert combats misinformation about organ donation through the stories of real patients throughout the organ transplant process.

Written from the viewpoint of an organ transplant nurse with over 15 years of experience, My Christmas Miracles and Other Stories About Organ Transplant is a collection of stories that are meant to inspire and educate.

Saubert believes in the power of positive thinking and conveys that through the book. From the story of Melody and her unwavering determination, to Kelly and her positive attitude, to and Ruth with her unusual circumstance, every story in the book has an encouraging message.

“Thinking positive thoughts is a lot more pleasant than thinking negative thoughts. We all have positive and negative aspects; so do situations,” Saubert says. “It us up to us to decide how to handle every situation.”

My Christmas Miracles and Other Stories About Organ Transplant is available on


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