PickleBall—Try it, You Will Love it!

The Lake Oconee Boomers Team

1 thought on “PickleBall—Try it, You Will Love it!”

  1. Hey just moved my office and the sound on PC not hooked yet, I am curious as to where they are playing… As I have been integrating Balance Walking in to The Villages over the past 3 months I here the familiar sound of the paddles coming in contact with the ball everywhere. And I can not tell you the countless players whom play Pickleball I speak with… I would say it surely competes with the number of users whom are active as well with Golf…. The courts are packed all day… Reminds me of the 3 wall racquetball craze… Yet I do think Pickleball will be here fro much longer as it requires much less as to construction…. A flat surface and a net and and a containment fence…

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