Professional Tips To Improve Your Stone Cutting

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Professional Tips To Improve Your Stone Cutting

Cutting stone professionally is one of the many fabrication jobs out there. Assessing your hardware and practices for cutting stone is essential for finding the most productive, safest approach. Look at these professional tips to improve your stone cutting—sometimes, all it takes is tweaking a few details in the workplace.

Establish Safe Transportation

Carefully carrying the stone workpieces is just as important as carefully cutting them for every job. Improper carrying can lead to damaging the workpiece or another nearby surface. However, you also must think about employee ergonomics and overall safety during transportation, so stock your inventory with the tools for doing it easily

For instance, you can pick up stone carrying clamps online that allow easy maneuvering of stone workpieces to ensure optimal grip and posture. If you find either your grip or posture is compromised, then don’t hesitate to find a solution. Never move granite and more stone materials without the right hardware.

Swap Blades When Necessary

Just because one blade or saw works for a certain type of stone doesn’t mean it’s ready for any workpiece. Thus, if you’re working on a new type of stone, update your hardware accordingly. For example, you can shop for continuous rim blades that specialize in cutting pool tile, while others will cut all natural stone.

Finding the perfect blade for the workpiece is as simple as hopping online, visiting quality vendors, and seeing what their hardware can do. Stone-cutting technology is quite extensive, so make the most out of it for your professional needs.

Always Inspect Blades

Even the diamond blades that cut through stone can wear over time. An invaluable professional tip to improve your stone cutting is to inspect your blades before every job. If you’re having issues making cuts, then it may not be your handling that’s the problem.

Dull blades aren’t going to help you complete cuts with precision, so avoid using them by assessing your blades and replacing them when necessary. Then, if you find yourself down to your last few blades, re-stock to ensure you’re ready to tackle the next task productively. Make your workplace more productive with the right parts and practices today.