Protection During the Pandemic if the Unthinkable Happens Abroad

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Insurance experts are urging travelers to consider repatriation coverage especially amid the pandemic if they have made the huge decision to permanently move abroad or travel for an extended period.

Repatriation coverage is designed to cover the cost of transport to your home country if something bad happens meaning you can’t travel home by regular means. Insurance professionals at International Citizens Insurance say it should be looked at carefully as part of people’s travel or expatriation plans.

This specific sort of coverage helps if you have an accident such as breaking a leg while skiing and need medical assistance or special transport to get back home. It could also cover more tragic circumstances if you die abroad and your family wishes for your body to be brought home safely to be buried in your home country.

The death of an expatriate will be more common than many think although it is difficult to find exact figures. Statistics show there are nine million Americans living outside the country, with the European Union, Mexico and Canada among the places with high numbers of US expatriate communities.

Joe Cronin, President of International Citizens Insurance said: “Repatriation coverage is something many people may not consider when taking out insurance to relocate abroad or travel. We advise anyone planning to live overseas for extended periods to consider investing in a high-quality international health insurance plan to cover their medical needs.

“Such global medical insurance plans are ideal for expatriates, nomads and international citizens who are abroad for the majority of their time each year. They offer comprehensive coverage for those living outside of their home country for a year or longer. 

“The best plans will offer repatriation, as well as other benefits such as 24-hour emergency assistance and inpatient and outpatient medical care.”

Industry insiders estimate $5,200 is the average cost of repatriation claims made to insurers, but individual cases can top $23,500. Funeral and memorial service fees must also be found by a loved one’s family in the event of death abroad.

Joe Cronin, President of International Citizens Insurance said: “The pandemic has changed many things and it is a huge consideration when choosing to live abroad or travel and it is essential for people to protect their money. 

“Not all policies offer the same levels of coverage and many will have restrictions regarding coronavirus. To avoid the risk of claims being turned down, people may have to declare pre-existing medical conditions such as Covid-19, so it is advisable to talk to your insurer about how this may affect a policy. 

“Insurers could offer coverage on a limited basis, or exclude risks related to this illness, so the person might not be covered for medical treatment or repatriation for Covid-19 or related conditions. But an insurance adviser can help discuss the best option for you.” 

Choosing to seek advice from a leading global insurance consultant such as International Citizens Insurance means customers have access to choose from a wide variety of health and travel insurance plans. 

As independent agents, the company works for the customer, with an extra layer of service working with someone who is focused on their needs. 

Find out more about repatriation coverage or medical evacuation benefits as part of its advice on comprehensive medical insurance plans.