Reasons To Arrange Your Own Funeral

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Reasons To Arrange Your Own Funeral

Planning a funeral can be a daunting task for those experiencing the loss of a loved one. On top of grieving, they must make time-sensitive decisions in hopes of running a smooth and honorable service. Creating a plan for your own service can alleviate your loved ones from the mass amount of arrangements that must be made in preparation for a funeral. A predetermined funeral plan will help guide your friends and family and let them focus on appropriately grieving.

Why Pre-Arrangements Are Important

There are many reasons to arrange your own funeral, the main one being that it drastically helps your loved ones.

Prevent Additional Stress

Planning and executing a funeral both happen within a short period of time after an individual’s passing. Without pre-determined details, the planning family can experience immense amounts of stress during organization. The lack of time to prepare can lead to hiccups in the eventual service. Prevent your loved ones from experiencing further heartache by laying out lots of details.

Save Money

The financial aspect of funerals tends to be strenuous on those planning. Funerals are an unavoidable expense but can be feasible with proper organizing ahead of time. Pre-planning your funeral supports your loved ones and removes the burden of a whopping bill after the service. Many funeral homes offer pre-arrangement services and provide discounts to those who take advantage of them.

Accustom To Your Liking

One of the reasons to arrange your own funeral is so you can have it your way! Configure the details of your own funeral to assure the service is custom to your liking. It lifts the burden of second-guessing minute details off your family. Take time to review all details to ensure a smoothly operating funeral service commemorative of your taste.

When Planning

So, you’ve decided pre-planning your funeral is right for you and your family—now what? Consider these factors to help ensure you cover all the details necessary for a quality service.


Confront your loved ones and let them know about your preparation. It’s important to communicate to those who will oversee your service, so they aren’t taken aback with an abundance of pre-planned details.

Confirm Big Ticket Items

There are a lot of logistics to consider ahead of time for a well-run funeral service. Include the following in your funeral plan to save your loved ones from the search.

  • Funeral home—Learn how to choose the right funeral home so your family doesn’t have to.
  • Memorial products—These are offered to guests at the funeral. If there are specifics you want included in the memorial products, add that in your plan.
  • Location of burial or other postmortem options—declare and purchase the lot where you would like to be buried or what you would like done with your ashes, should cremation be your preference.