Rent or Buy: Personal Electric Golf Carts

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Rent or Buy: Personal Electric Golf Carts

Do you enjoy spending your golden years driving balls at the links with friends and loved ones? Golfing is one of America’s favorite pastimes thanks partly to its all-age accessibility, casual intensity, and outdoor setting! And if your retirement leads to more frequent golf course visits each week, it could be worth investing in your own golf cart. Read on to learn more about the advantages and drawbacks of either renting or buying personal electric golf carts.

Reasons To Rent Personal Electric Golf Carts

There are a few solid benefits to renting a golf cart rather than investing in one outright, and they are all related to one factor—affordability. While some clubs include golf cart access in annual dues, many public courses allow golfers to rent their coaches for the day. Often, these rental rates are $15–25 an hour or $55–110 per day. If you only golf once or twice a week, this expense is manageable. Renting a golf cart also leaves you less liable for repair costs in the event of a mechanical complication. Finally, you are not responsible for charging, maintaining, or replacing the coach’s battery components.

Reasons To Buy Personal Electric Golf Carts

Surprisingly, even the nicest commercially available golf cart for purchase is relatively affordable—brand-new electric coaches range from $9,000–20,000, while used six-seaters cost $8,000–15,000! While certainly more expensive than renting a coach for the day, most electric golf carts last anywhere from 20–40 years with minimal repair or maintenance expenses. Plus, you have complete freedom to modify your personal coach with helpful aftermarket accessories, including all-terrain tires, upgraded seating, expanded safety features, enhanced storage, advanced LED lighting systems, and more.

Another reason you might consider purchasing a golf cart is to find a more affordable primary form of transportation. For example, individuals living in smaller communities or rural properties can accomplish their daily responsibilities, such as running local errands or conducting chores, while driving a golf cart instead of a traditional automobile. Finally, electric golf carts are one of the cleanest forms of transportation, ensuring a less significant personal carbon impact on the environment!

The Final Verdict

While there’s no denying the affordability of renting an electric golf cart for occasional visits to the links, purchasing the coach outright is undoubtedly a far more valuable investment. Overall, golf cart ownership affords golfing enthusiasts more freedom over the performance and comfort of their rides. Plus, individuals living in smaller communities with restrictions on traditional automobiles can support their lifestyles using coaches as their primary transportation method! And aside from the up-front costs, maintaining a golf cart long-term is quite affordable. Simply purchase the ideal golf cart battery and service your vehicle as needed.

Whether you rent or buy, personal electric golf carts certainly offer unique and valuable benefits, from golfing-related activities to more traditional transportation applications. Determine if the up-front costs are worth it, and enjoy your very own coach for many years to come!