Retirement? Relocation? Next Step?

The Lake Oconee Boomers Team

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By John J. Stathas. Ph.D., LMFT                           

The movement through life calls for many adjustments to the various developmental stages of our lives.  Many people in the Lake area have recently relocated and/or retired here.  Challenges present themselves. These challenges aren’t exclusive to the Lake though because if you are under dementia care in Parker you might find some of these challenges similar to what you experience there. Examples may include:

1. A couple moving away from the cold winters of Green Bay.

2. A senior citizen moving in with one of his/her children.

3. A couple starting over as the husband retires.

 4. Empty nesters whose kids have gone off to college.

5. A family that decided that Atlanta’s rat race was not a way to live.

Words spoken by some of these individuals might include:

  1. What was I thinking?                           
  2. This is Paradise!
  3. I’m lonely                                          
  4. It’s hard to meet new friends  
  5. People talk funny in the South.  What is “fixin’ to?”
  6. I don’t know what to do now that I’m retired.  My job was my life.
  7. My husband is around the house too much.  He needs to get a life.
  8. My wife’s “honey do” list is too long.  
  9. Is golf or tennis a true vocation?
  10. What is a crappie?                                 
  11. Never thought I’d take up croquet
  12. Have you seen the fireworks at the Ritz?
  13. I’ve found volunteer work to be really satisfying; I’m giving back.
  14. People have really made me feel welcomed.  I think I’ll do the same for others.
  15. This isn’t the way we did it back home.  
  16. I do/do not recommend my builder  
  17. We had more shuffleboard courts in Florida. 
  18. I’m bored and depressed.
  19. Aren’t the deer beautiful?                  
  20. Doggone deer ate my azaleas
  21. I’ve got a whole new burst of energy since I retired.
  22. I miss the pubs that we had up north.  
  23. It’s a long way to the grocery store. 
  24. Can you recommend a good physician, dentist, psychologist, preacher?
  25. Our group raised a lot of money for cancer research.
  26. I need a new hobby.                            
  27. I need a new hubby. 
  28. Is this all there is?                               
  29. I got a hole- in- one!
  30. I need Viagra!                                     
  31. I’ve hidden my husband’s Viagra.
  32. Where’s the synagogue?                     
  33. Who or what is a Bahai?
  34. What can I learn from this experience?

Hopefully, you are one of those people able to express positive comments as you adjust to the NEXT STEP of relocation and/or retirement.  If you are having a rough time, try to reach out for help from a friend, pastor, or therapist. 

The Lake area can open new vistas of personal growth and relationship enhancement.  Educational, political, and spiritual opportunities await.  This may be the last stop on your journey.  Make it your best!

Dr. Stathas can be reached at 706-473. E-mail: Web site: Blog: Book: “A Successful Life—Guaranteed!” at Amazon.