Signs That Your Car Is Not Safe To Drive

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Signs That Your Car Is Not Safe To Drive

Depending on your usual daily activities, your car might be the thing you use the most in your day-to-day life. With that constant use comes the increased likelihood that something will go wrong. Luckily, when your car begins to falter, there are signs that your car is not safe to drive.

Pay attention to those signs and stay on top of maintenance. You never know when a minor problem will turn into a serious one.

Smell of Fumes

The smell of fumes in the car’s cabin poses a serious danger to you and any passengers in the car. It can result from vehicles driving in front of you, but if you experience that same smell with no other vehicles around, then you may have a leak in your exhaust system.

Serious Health Risks

Inhaling these fumes can cause severe damage to brain cells and can even lead to asphyxiation. Plug the leak immediately once you identify the smell of fumes in your car.

Loss of Traction

You might feel your car slip when taking turns or notice it’s taking longer to come to a complete stop once you hit the brakes. These are common signs that your tires have degraded. Worn-out tires are common, and they can pose a threat to your safety due to the reduced handling ability.

Fresh Set of Tires

Changing out your old tires for new ones is just one way to increase your car’s handling. This will offer you better traction on the road. It’s easier to perform basic driving maneuvers with new tires, and they’ll increase your safety during hazardous weather and road conditions.

Problems Braking

Grinding noises when hitting the brakes happen when the wheel rotor has started losing its ideal thickness or the brake pads have become worn down. Your car will not be able to stop properly, and this prevents you from reacting to changing conditions on the road or dangerous circumstances.

Compounded Problems

It’s bad enough to deal with worn-out tires, but adding worn brake pads and rotors on top of that will greatly reduce your car’s ability to keep you safe on the road. Ignoring these signs that your car is not safe will only lead to more serious problems. Have your vehicle inspected during routine maintenance to avoid issues.