Signs Your Heavy Equipment Needs Maintenance

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Signs Your Heavy Equipment Needs Maintenance

Heavy equipment is such a huge asset for construction, but all of that can go out the window if you don’t keep up with regular maintenance. However, you may not realize when something requires attention until you are on the job. Knowing what could be causing certain issues by understanding the signs your equipment needs maintenance can reduce the amount of downtime that can occur. Take note of these signs your heavy equipment needs maintenance.  

Low Fluid Levels 

A common cause for breakdowns in any construction equipment is often due to low fluid levels. The good news is a lot can be avoided by keeping an eye on fluid levels. However, when you are filling up fluids, make sure to avoid any contamination, which can cause further damage.  


Another sign your heavy equipment needs maintenance is if you notice any leakage. The issue with leakage is that it can result in low fluid levels, so it’s best to find the source of the problem instead of simply topping off the fluid.  

Dashboard Warning Lights 

When certain signs turn on, they can let you know that there may be a problem with your equipment, such as overheating.  This is probably the easiest way to detect an issue.  Most of the heavy machinery used in construction has warning lights as well. 

Strange Sounds 

Construction sites are known to be loud, so it can be difficult to tell some of the sounds apart. However, you still need to be aware of any strange sounds because it can point to bearing failure in a final drive and other issues that require attention.  

Exhaust Problems 

Exhaust problems due to an overworked engine are a common issue that heavy equipment operators may face as well. The best way to detect this issue is by noticing any strange fumes that could be coming from your equipment. Running a gauge test is a great way to keep up with machine maintenance.  

Many construction projects can’t afford any breakdowns, but you can catch them before they happen by being aware of these signs.