Simple Ways You Can Protect the Earth and Make a Difference

No matter your age, you’ve probably been told for years to take better care of the planet. But sometimes, figuring out the best way to help the planet can be hard. To help, we’ve compiled some of the different ways you can protect the Earth, from recycling textiles to conserving water. These tips will make a difference on your individual impact on the planet!

Donate Your Clothes

There’s great power in textile recycling. When you recycle textiles, you help out people in need while reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that result from the creation and trashing of clothes. When you can, donate your old clothes—it’s a big aspect of charitable giving. While you’re at it, take a look at the different things you can donate to charity—there’s more to recycling than textiles and plastics.  

Try Out Composting

Recycling is important, but why not try composting, too? You can actually compost a lot of the things you throw in the trash, reducing the amount of solid waste you produce. The greatest part is that compost makes for a wonderful natural fertilizer for your garden. You should add actions with multifaceted benefits into your routine as often as possible.

Make Sustainable Choices

This is a very general tip, and you’re probably wondering how exactly to do it. It really revolves around making smart choices. Walk to pick up your grandkids from school; choose energy-efficient light bulbs instead of the regular ones; and pick organic food instead of chemically treated products. Small choices such as these help you live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, therein protecting the Earth. 

Plant Some Trees

If you like gardening—or even if you don’t—take a little bit of time from your day and plant a tree or two. This has always been a great way to protect the Earth, and just because you’re no longer in elementary school doesn’t mean it’s any less important. Planting more trees provides food and oxygen for people and animals, saves energy, cleans the air, and so much more. Plan it out for when spring rolls around!