Smart Tips for Boomers to Stay Healthy

The Lake Oconee Boomers Team

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As the Baby Boomer generation reaches what used to be known as the golden years, they redefine what that means. The golden years used to conjure images of retiring, handing the reigns to the next generation, and sitting back. Instead of retirement and rocking chairs, the boomers work longer and enjoy a much more active lifestyle than their parents did in the twilight years. Keeping up with friends, family, and grandkids, however, takes a toll on older bodies. Here are some smart tips for Boomers to stay healthy for many years to come.

Watch your Diet

As you age, the body needs more nutrients and less calories. Make sure you eat nutrient rich foods high in fats and protein. Avocados, red beans, and spinach are all great choices to incorporate into your meals. The darker the color of the food, the more nutrients and anti-oxidant punch it gives.

Regular Check Ups

Visit your doctor regularly for checkups. Don’t ignore any pains, be it joint, abdominal, or back pain. Request an ultrasound for that specific concern if you feel something’s wrong and the doctor is not receptive. Different diagnostic tools such as quick ultrasound exams can help you ultrasound can help find problems a normal exam might miss. Getting regular blood tests will also keep you informed on your cholesterol, blood sugar, and stress levels. It’s better to stay on top of things than to get an unwanted surprise.

Get Moderate Exercise

Part of staying active is being active. Getting some regular exercise will keep the heart pumping and the blood circulating. If you were not active as a younger person, then don’t try weightlifting for the first time in your 60s. Going for a walk after dinner or doing chores around the house is enough activity, just make sure you do something.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Eating cake, candy, and fried foods all day may taste great, but all that food is bad for you. Humans are hard wired to crave foods high in calories, so it’s a basic survival instinct to want to eat them. This instinct, however, isn’t needed anymore to survive, so eating all these foods just adds fat to your body. Carrying around extra pounds increases the risk heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Ask your doctor what the ideal weight for your height and age is and try to get there. Stay there by eating right and exercising.

Stop Smoking

If you smoke, stop using tobacco or any related products. This shouldn’t need saying, but it really does. Stopping immediately will add time to your life. It’s not easy to undo a lifetime habit, but it needs doing. The health risks associated with smoking are widely known and have been for years. If you made it to the golden years with no major problems, you’re the exception—stop now before something does happen.