Summer Reading Suggestion: Kate’s Escape from the Billable Hour

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 6.15.22 AMIf you are looking for a great summer read this year, be sure to check out Kate’s Escape from the Billable Hour. Following Big Law lawyer, Kate, as she escapes from her job and travels to Barcelona to find a lost love, it’ll inspire you to pick up and chase your dreams. It’s a riveting story, the perfect “beach” read.

About Kate’s Escape from the Billable Hour:

Having spent her life so far in the dysfunctional world of Big Law, frustrated with a lack of respect, still pining over the Spanish exchange student who lived with her family a decade ago, and more than a little miserable, main character Kate decides to make a drastic change. After a mortifying meltdown in the office, Kate quits her job and jets off to Barcelona to reinvent her life. The hilarious adventure that ensues is full of insights on casting yourself in a new and exhilarating role, the perks and difficulties of being a “late-bloomer,” and creating an authentic life experience.