Tell-Tale Signs You Need New Patio Furniture

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Tell-Tale Signs You Need New Patio Furniture

Patio furniture can turn any outdoor space into one of luxury and relaxation. That is until the furniture starts to degrade from the elements. Most patio furniture has a lifespan dictated by the environments in which it exists. If you find that your patio spends most of its time outside in the sun, humidity, or heavy rains, it might be time for a new patio set. Here are some of the most obvious signs you need new patio furniture.

There Is Fading

If you find that your patio furniture has been experiencing a constant decline in color and even texture, this may be a sign that you need new patio furniture. The sun is one of the most destructive forces on this earth. This is not just due to the constant heat that it puts out but also due to the UV rays that continually drain the color from any material. If the sun is dangerous enough to burn your skin, don’t you think it’s doing worse to the cushions you left out in the sun? If other areas of your house are experiencing fading, it may be time to replace those furniture sets too. Remember that fading can happen anywhere the sun shines!

The Cushions Are Ripped

Patio furniture is outdoor furniture, which means it has to stand up to a lot more than your average leather couch. For that reason, it can be expected that over the normal course of a patio couch’s lifetime, there will be incidents that result in rips and tears. Not only are these unsightly, but they also pose a health hazard if you have pets running around. After all, when you have a dog that eats everything, the last thing you need is for them to dig into your beloved patio set. As such, if you have rips in your patio couch, it may be time to throw it out and invest in a new couch!

Some Surfaces Are Stained

In some cases, no matter the couch color, stains will always be visible. In the long run, stains are unavoidable. Whether it be from food or tree sap, stains can turn an otherwise amazing sitting area into one that’s unsightly and unpleasant to view up close. If you can see stains on your patio sofa, it may be time for an upgrade to a couch made from more stain-resistant materials.

Patio furniture is a centerpiece in your outdoor entertainment efforts. As such, if you seek to impress, you must pay close attention to your patio furniture, ensuring that it is in top form. However, if it isn’t, we hope that the signs you need new patio furniture are clear as day now. In the future, shop for furniture with a thicker outer layer that guarantees against spills and UV damage!