The Benefits of Finishing Metal

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The Benefits of Finishing Metal

Finishing metal is an ideal way to complete your piece. The polishing process offers enhancements to your final product that make it stronger, more durable against the elements, and makes it more visually appealing. While the finishing process is not necessarily required, the benefits of finishing metal do bring your piece to a level of quality that you cannot otherwise achieve without the polishing process.

Makes It More Visually Appealing

No matter what method you use to finish your metal, the result will be a piece that looks better on top of being more robust. The finishing process smooths out the surface, eliminates any rough or sharp edges, and generally cleans the surface of any grime or residue. Finishing also allows you to give your metal piece a distinct look, whether you want it to be glossy, matte, or textured.

Safer to Handle

Because the process includes getting rid of sharp edges and metal burrs, it makes the pieces easier and safer to handle afterward. The risk of cutting your hand is reduced and helps to avoid unnecessary injury.

Strengthens the Structure

Without the finishing process, metal, while resilient, will deteriorate faster and show signs of corrosion. The longevity of your metal piece can be enhanced with the polishing process to give it an extra layer that preserves the integrity of the metal. Finishing provides protection against corrosion, abrasion, chemical damage, and wear because of age.

Easier to Maintain

Because of the smoothness of the surface as a result of finishing, the surface is far easier to clean and maintain. With an unfinished piece, there may be small nooks where grime can collect and where cleaning may be difficult due to the hard-to-reach spaces. This all results in a more thorough cleaning job but with less time spent cleaning due to the smooth surface.

How You Finish Metal

There are different ways to achieve a polished piece of metal, but the two main choices you have are automated finishing and manual. While automated requires special machinery, it comes with its own benefits that could make it the preferable option for your shop.

Benefits Outweigh the Cost

While the process will require you to invest more money into a piece, the result is well worth the cost of entry. Your pieces will be far more refined, have higher quality, and increase customer satisfaction with your work. Don’t underestimate the advantages of polishing your metal because while it may seem like a small thing, it will go a long way.