The Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

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The Benefits of Professional Dog Grooming

Your dog is a wildcard when it comes to getting groomed. He may hate taking baths, getting his nails clipped, or getting his ears cleaned, and might throw a fit whenever you try to handle it yourself. That is where a professional dog groomer comes in to save the day. Going to a dog groomer can save you precious time in your day, along with saving you from the anxiety of doing something wrong while grooming your pup. On top of expanding your free time, the benefits of professional dog grooming are impactful on both your dog’s health and appearance, which sums up to one happy pup!

Beautiful, Healthy Paws

Just as you’d want a foot massage after being on your feet all day, so does your dog! While you may struggle to clip your canine friend’s claws, a professional groomer specializes in it. Professional groomers will keep your dog relaxed and at ease while they clip your pup’s nails. They will also make sure to avoid cutting the quick of the claw. When your dog’s nails are too long, they risk being torn off by carpet or other snagging hazards. Some anxious dogs will try to bite their nails as a habit, just like humans do. Keeping their nails short can help prevent snagging or biting.

Healthy Fur

In addition to removing allergenic dander from your dog’s fur, a professional groomer will control matted or brittle fur. A good shampooing and brushing from a professional groomer will give your dog the soft, sleek fur that is normal in a healthy dog. A professional haircut may keep him cool in hot weather, but remember that only certain dogs can be fully shaved. Your pet will be soft to pet and cuddle, and their healthy fur can make your dog’s appearance stand out from other dogs—he will be a superstar!

Socializes and Conditions Your Dog

You may be surprised to find that the benefits of professional dog grooming are not just cosmetic—professional grooming can help your dog’s mental health too. Having a good relationship with a professional groomer can condition your dog to tolerate car rides or assist with car training if he suffers from car anxiety. Naturally, he may not appreciate other people touching him. The soothing touch of a professional groomer can let him know that other humans are safe.

A Second Pair of Eyes on Your Dog’s Health

There may be health concerns that you would not normally notice, even when you check your dog thoroughly. Someone who specializes in dogs and their health may notice important health concerns and warning signs before you will. For example, a professional groomer will clean your dog’s ears. If you are not cleaning your dog’s ears at home, the buildup of excess dirt and wax in the ear can lead to ear infections. Ear infections can lead to doggie deafness if they happen often enough. A groomer will also notice dangerous bumps on the skin that may require a vet check-up.