The Best Furniture for Being Lazy and Bingeing

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The Best Furniture for Being Lazy and Bingeing

Let’s face facts: right now we all have a whole lot of time on our hands. Any place that is worth going to for entertainment is closed; all the bars, restaurants, movie theaters, and bouncy house joints are shuttered until further notice. Fortunately for us, we live in a golden age for home entertainment, and some massive retailers are still operating. That means it’s time to slab out, be lazy, eat junk food, and watch some TV. The couch is suitable for this, but the best furniture for being lazy will take your sloth game to a new level.

The Bean Bag Chair

The classic bean bag chair will never die, and it’s still as awesome today as it was in the 1970s. The bean bag was the first, the alpha, the chair that made the country say, “Finally!” What makes the bean bag a legend is that it is an island unto itself; it’s made for one person and one person only. It’s ideal for the selfish loner in the family who doesn’t want to share space with their bratty sister. Innovations have made the bean bag a massive, puffy, lightweight champion of laziness.

Sectional Sofas

The sectional sofa is the Cadillac of lazy furniture. If you have one in your basement, then you know that you have truly made it. Peak laziness is achievable for up to four people to fully recline, lie down, and watch The Big Lebowski over and over again. Sectionals that come with a gigantic ottoman make it possible to increase the lazy.

Old-School Recliners

Don’t discount the recliner as a tool of rest and relaxation. They are more about the function, not the form, because they still look kind of clunky. Recliners get the feet up and keep you isolated while watching movies and series. They now come with refrigerators in them and vibrating massages, in a variety of colors and materials. Recliners have the stigma of being for dads and grandpas, but give one a go and find out how wrong you are, then embrace your inner curmudgeon.

Oversized and Poofy Chairs

The oversized chair and ottoman combination deserve a spot at the table. They are dangerously comfortable and have a sense of style. They are for the more refined lazy person who wants to nap and binge all day but wants their home to look contemporary and stylish. If you have the space for a giant chair and a sectional, well, that’s nirvana, and peace has been achieved.