The Best Jeep Models Throughout the Years

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The Best Jeep Models Throughout the Years

Famous for its wide selection of highly capable automobiles, Jeep has produced countless great commercial cars since 1945. Once a military vehicle supplier, the Willys-Overland brand evolved into the company it is today.

When purchasing a Jeep, you can find the perfect SUV or 4×4 for your needs, whether used or brand new. Check out this list of the best Jeep models throughout the years.

Jeep Wagoneer (1963–1991)

The Wagoneer was an SUV before markets even classified vehicles as SUVs. It was a classic model fit for the entire family. What set this car apart from the rest was its pickup-truck chassis but sedan-like driving experience. Additionally, the Wagoneer consistently featured top-notch amenities that made it a luxurious performance car. Early advanced features included air conditioning, automatic transmission, power steering, and independent front suspension.

Jeep Wrangler YJ (1986–1995)

Who doesn’t love the look and feel of a thrilling Wrangler? These cars are known for their trend-setting, their aggressively square trims, and their boastful grills. The first of these models was the YJ, which debuted in 1986 and remained popular until the mid-’90s. The YJ was the perfect weekend off-roading vehicle. It isn’t the most practical daily driver, but you can find plenty of good-condition YJ’s on the secondhand market.

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon (2018)

The Wrangler has benefited from multiple special-edition versions that took the original YJ design to another level. The Unlimited Rubicon is a crossover of the Unlimited and Rubicon models. For consumers looking for the ultimate off-roading experience, this 2018 vehicle is the best option on the market. Plus, having a convertible Jeep Wrangler allows for better functionality in all weather conditions and a more exciting ride overall.

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 (2019)

Jeep has consistently produced quality models that millions of consumers have enjoyed. However, its more recent fleet is without a doubt the most technological collection. The Grand Cherokee debuted in 1992, but the SRT8 2019 model is the magnum opus of the line. It’s a luxurious SUV with a unibody chassis that provides one of the smoothest rides on the market. This car is packed full of advanced features, and it boasts an impressive V8 engine for a towing rate comparable to that of most muscle cars.

Jeep is an American-made brand that has provided the public with countless high-performance cars for decades. Even with this list of the best Jeep models throughout the years, there are plenty more models out there that are perfect for your needs.