The Best Methods To Effectively Use an At-Home Massage Chair

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The Best Methods To Effectively Use an At-Home Massage Chair

An at-home massage chair is an incredible resource for people of all ages. When you need to treat chronic pain or soreness due to stress, you can get this conveniently accessible tool to instantly relieve tension.

However, you must know the best methods to effectively use an at-home massage chair first. Continue reading more to find out how to relax with a massage at home!

Know Your Targeted Painful Areas

Everyone has muscle soreness to some degree. The differences lie in where the muscle soreness occurs.

Once you have your massage chair in place, think about how you can maximize the functions of the chair to prioritize your target areas of pain. Most people use massage chairs to ease lower back pain, but that’s not the only area they’re good for. Others need help with upper back, shoulder, or neck pain. Experiment with the various settings so that you can find the perfect massage and maximize results.

Sit Straight Up in the Chair

When you feel comfortable, you begin to slouch and sink into the chair. Sitting in such a position in a massage chair can risk hurting the body.

The best method to effectively use an at-home massage chair is to sit upright. Push your hips to the back of the seat. Straighten your back, and make sure the rollers sit in the correct position as well. While it may feel unnatural at first, you’ll become used to the feeling and realize it creates the best outcome.

Start at a Slow Setting

As you’re acquainting yourself with your at-home massage chair, it’s best to start at a slow setting. You know the target areas that need assistance, but your muscles haven’t become accustomed to the intense pressure massage chairs provide just yet. A high setting can do more harm than good if you use it too abruptly.

Begin at a slow setting. It will gradually loosen the muscles. You might feel some soreness at first, but the sensation will eventually disappear once the muscles are comfortable with the force of the chair.

After a week of sessions on the slow settings, your body will grow accustomed to the pressure. Once you feel comfortable, begin to increase the settings each week during the sessions. Now, you can better benefit from massages at home.

Do 15-Minute Sessions Twice a Day

Once you’re accustomed to massages, you can begin using them more frequently. However, sitting in a massage chair for too long or too often can negatively impact the body.

Instead, getting a massage in the morning and night is the best way to optimize the benefits. In the morning, it’ll loosen up the muscles and get the blood circulating to help you feel prepared for the day. Additionally, nighttime massage sessions can calm the body and ease pain before bed to improve sleep.

Stay Hydrated

One of the best ways to promote a healthy body and reap all of the advantages massage chairs have to offer is to stay hydrated. Massages put immense pressure on the muscles. When you’re dehydrated, massage chairs won’t have as much of an effect. In fact, they may hurt your muscles instead.

Always drink water before and after using an at-home massage chair. It’ll provide immense benefits that’ll reduce pain and improve your body’s mobility.

When you implement the proper tactics when using an at-home massage chair, your body will feel better than ever!