The Best Summer Vegetables To Grow Indoors

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The Best Summer Vegetables To Grow Indoors

Summer is a fantastic season to grow some vegetables, but it’s not always easy to grow things in unpredictable weather. You may have a few days with extreme heat and some surprisingly cold mornings. You may get some of those summer rains that wind up overwatering your crops. A good workaround is to utilize an interior growing area like a greenhouse. Here are some of the best summer vegetables to grow indoors and why they may be the best option for you.


Tomatoes are tough for some gardeners because, while these plants love the warm weather, they can struggle with the extreme heat that summer can bring. If you’re growing them indoors, you still need to ensure they get a lot of light to grow nice and tall. Remember to gently handle your tomato plants while they’re growing because they can self-pollinate if you shake the pollen from the sprouting flowers.


Carrots don’t require much physical distance from one another but do require slightly deeper soil than other root vegetables. Carrots can benefit from shipping container farms or greenhouses because you can fit a lot of them into vertical shelf spaces. It’s also better to grow carrots indoors because they need a lot of light while thriving at slightly cooler temperatures, so having an indoor temperature controlled is advantageous.


Radishes are one of the best summer vegetables to grow indoors for beginner and veteran growers. Radishes do not require as much light or water as other crops. They also take up very little space and grow much quicker than many crops. You can enjoy your radishes usually within 60 days of planting them.


Like tomatoes, peppers are self-pollinating plants so that they can thrive in the right environment. Peppers usually require a lot of sun and temperatures a little cooler than you would have in the summer—around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If you ensure they get enough light and allow the soil to dry between watering sessions, you should grow plenty of fresh, delicious peppers.