The Best Ways To Use Bath Bombs Sans Bathing

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The Best Ways To Use Bath Bombs Sans Bathing

Bath bombs are one small luxury item that’s beginning to see a resurgence. With increased interest in hygiene products with fewer additives, it’s no wonder people are remembering just how nice they are. What’s more, many of us live in older or smaller homes not equipped with a bathtub. For everyone with limited options or just want more from these treats, let’s take a look at the best ways to use bath bombs sans bathing.

A Rejuvenating Shower Mist

If you don’t have a tub or just aren’t in the mood, there’s no reason a bath bomb can’t join you in the shower. Whether it’s mostly the steam hitting them or they’re hit directly with water, the bath time treat will fizz and send out its delicious and relaxing smell. Some of the simplest ways to do this are to simply drop it at your feet, pop it on a shelf, or hang it from the showerhead in a sachet.

A Healing Foot Soak

If a bath for your whole body isn’t an option, then some of the best ways to use bath bombs sans bathing are with foot soaks. Many people don’t realize how much they work their feet each day. A soak in warm water is a great way to relax the muscles and ease aches. Dropping bath bombs into your foot soak is the perfect way to enjoy the relaxing aromas and give your feet a break.

Add Them To Smell-Good Sachets

A bath bomb’s greatest weakness is an asset if you look hard enough. While most of us are trying hard to keep bath bombs safe from moisture, their absorptiveness is easy to put to work. Try dropping one into a sachet with some herbs and other good-smelling things. Hang them up in smelly or typically wet areas of the house. The bath bombs will do the dirty work of absorbing moisture and bad smells out of the air and will slowly release their good smells.

A Fizzy Exfoliator

Who said bath bombs had to be dissolved to be used? Many nicer varieties include wonderful ingredients like cocoa butter that’s great for the skin. Often, exfoliating items like whole herbs and salts are also added. Finally, the materials they’re made of typically consist of baking soda and citrus. In other words, you can scrub down with a still sizzling bath bomb.