The Different Kinds of Plants To Grow This Spring

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The Different Kinds of Plants To Grow This Spring

Now that sunshine and warm weather are upon us, we can finally exercise our green thumbs. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or looking to plant your very first patch, it’s important to know what fruits and veggies are easiest to grow during this season. Additionally, you want to plant produce that tastes yummy and looks fantastic. Here are a few of the different kinds of plants to grow this spring.


What’s better than fresh raspberries in a spring salad? These fruits have natural antioxidants that can boost your immune system and overall mood. Be warned that learning to grow raspberries properly has a minor learning curve—these plants are susceptible to root rot, so it’s essential that you plant in nutrient-rich soil. Consider supplementing with manure.


Honeydew is a great option for gardeners starting their plots later in the spring. This plant thrives when planted closer to April, and it’s a welcome inclusion in any fruit arrangement. With the sunlight coming out earlier and earlier each morning, you can enjoy your homegrown honeydew in a delicious fruit bowl.


Another plant that thrives well toward the middle parts of spring is tomatoes. Tomatoes love the sun, and they’re wonderful snacks to consider for your backyard veggie garden. Unfortunately, these guys require a lot of space to grow properly, so consider your garden’s size and layout before planting.


Many green thumb enthusiasts often overlook garlic, but it’s a wonderful plant to include in your garden. For starters, garlic is highly versatile, and it works in any meal—you can mince it, boil it, smash it to a powder, and put it in a plethora of dishes. Plus, it’s a natural insect repellent, so it should keep your other plants safe. Typically, gardeners plant garlic in the fall, but if you hurry, the plant can still thrive in mid-spring.

Consider the different kinds of plants to grow this spring and take your produce garden to the next level. Growing your own convenient supply of fresh foods is a great way to get outdoors and supplement a healthy, well-balanced diet.