The Different Types of Modern Fishing To Try

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The Different Types of Modern Fishing To Try

Few activities are as fun or diverse as fishing. You can fish with friends and family, and it makes a great date. There are also many different types of fishing to try out. However, if you’re new to fishing, you may not know where to start. After all, you have to consider what type of fishing pole you need. Plus, you’ll need to figure out if you’re going to go fly-fishing, bait fishing, or ice fishing. You will also have to think about your location. The point is, when it comes to fishing, knowledge is power. That is why we’re breaking down the different types of modern fishing to try.


Fly-fishing gets its name because you fish with artificial flies. Feather lures have the ability to appear like a fly to fish. Since you aren’t using live bait, you’ll have to use a different technique. It’s all about getting your lure to hit the water as gently as possible. The fish will know that it’s not a natural fly if it hits too hard.

Thus, to fly-fish successfully, you must mimic the way a fly gently lands on water. Fly-fishing requires a heavier line, too. This is because your fly lure will weigh next to nothing, so the line needs some density to it. But once you have your equipment figured out, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying this intriguing form of modern fishing.

Saltwater Fishing

Fishing in saltwater is a tad different than freshwater fishing. Yet, many of the techniques remain the same. You can still practice fly-fishing and many other fishing techniques in saltwater. That’s because the water type will have little effect on your techniques.

The main difference here lies in the kind of line you’ll use for the different types of water. You see, saltwater is harsher than freshwater and will corrode your line. That’s why you’ll need a fishing line that’s resistant to corrosion. With freshwater, you likely wouldn’t need the same kind of specially-made line.

Drone Fishing

This is one of the newest types of fishing to emerge in modern times. Believe it or not, people use drones to catch fish now. In fact, they make drones specifically for fishing. Drone fishing is beneficial for those who find themselves casting lines out in areas too hard to access by boat. Plus, a drone will stay completely still while holding your line in the water.

This characteristic makes it particularly efficient, as there’s less chance of scaring any potential catches away. From there, the drone’s fishing reel releases your line whenever you hook a fish, so you can easily reel it in. You can also use the camera on the drone to hover over the water and look for fish. These traits make drone fishing a top contender for the different types of modern fishing to try.

Key Takeaways

So there you have it—our top picks for fun types of fishing to try out. If you’ve never gone fly-fishing before, it’s a fun twist on bait fishing. You’ll need a delicate touch and a heavy line, but it’s worth trying out. Fishing in saltwater poses the challenge of a corroding fishing line, so bear that in mind.

Lastly, drone fishing combines modern technology with traditional fishing techniques. And it’s true that these forms of fishing exhibit quite a few differences. But a common attribute among them is a fun and innovative nature. Thus, the next time you’re planning on spending a day on the water, we highly suggest giving one of these methods a try.