The Different Types of Spray Foam Machines

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The Different Types of Spray Foam Machines

Whether you run your own spray foam insulation business or need to rent a spray foam system for an individual project, it’s important to know the differences between machine models. Keep reading to learn the different types of spray foam machines and to decide which will be most useful to you.

Air-Driven Machines

Air-driven spray foam machines require air compressors to operate and apply the spray foam. These rigs are great entry-level machines for spray foam contractors. They’re best used in plants and factories due to their need for air compressors. However, you can operate these machines anywhere an air compressor is available or if you have a mobile air compressor. Air-driven machines have a relatively low output of about 25 pounds of material per minute, so you may need to upgrade your business’s machine at some point to account for larger projects.

Electric Machines

Electric spray foam machines are the modern favorites of many spray foam contractors. Electric machines are slightly more efficient and powerful than air-driven machines. The electric spray foam machine works by using an electric motor for its power. Electric models typically apply about 30 pounds of material per minute and have a midrange output. If your spray foam business specializes in residential applications, the electric spray foam rig would be a perfect fit.

Hydraulic Machines

The third main type of spray foam machine is the hydraulic-powered model. Hydraulic machines can reach up to 50 pounds of material application per minute, which gives them a high-level output compared to the other two types. This makes hydraulic machines the most powerful, and they can easily apply spray foam to large, industrial surfaces such as roofs and siding. Hydraulic machines are also fit to take on large-scale residential projects. The hydraulic option is more of an investment, but if your company is looking for efficiency, it may be for you.

Hopefully, this brief look into the different types of spray foam machines has helped you learn their differences. Now that you know more about each type of spray foam system, you’ll be able to decide which is best for your own spray foam business or project.