The Different Uses for Isoparaffins

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The Different Uses for Isoparaffins

The Shell Chemicals is the pioneer of isoparaffins, and manufacturers are loving them. Isoparaffins are relatively new, but they’re quickly becoming the most-used petroleum-based products today. What makes isoparaffins so versatile is their purity and odor-free components. If you’d like to learn some of the different uses for isoparaffins, check out our list of applications below.

Odor-Free Paints

People have begun wanting more products with low VOCs in recent years, so manufacturers have had to find a way to make products with less odors. Isoparaffins are essentially odor-free, which makes them especially helpful in odor-free paint. Odor-free paints are excellent for people who are sensitive to scents. They’re also less harmful to the environment, so they’re great for people who want to reduce their carbon footprints.

Home Care Products

Whether you’re looking for a hardwood floor cleaner, hand soap, or other cleaning products—isoparaffins are often in those, too. Because isoparaffins are so pure, they’re not harmful for personal use (as we’ll see next). Many other petroleum-based products would damage or stain your floor, and you certainly wouldn’t want to wash your hands with them.

Cosmetics Products

As we mentioned, isoparaffins are different than other solvents because their purity levels are suitable for beauty products. These oils also have tremendous spreadability properties, so they’re great for lotions, moisturizers, and even shampoos and conditioners. If you’re feeling skeptical about using a petroleum-based product in your beauty routine, just do a quick Google search, because there’s tons of research behind it.

Machine Cleaners

Finally, manufacturers need to clean their equipment frequently to ensure their machines remain in good condition. The low viscosity rating of isoparaffins provides an excellent flow rate and low surface tension, which makes them suitable for cleaning hard-to-reach areas of machinery. Manufacturers must use the appropriate cleaner for their machine, so it’s crucial that they look at their machine’s manual to ensure they use the appropriate cleaning solvents.

Now that you’re aware of the different uses for isoparaffins, you can make better decisions regarding your beauty routine or industrial equipment. Regardless, you should feel confident that isoparaffins are excellent and safe for a number of applications.