The Finest Nut Trees To Grow in the South

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The Finest Nut Trees To Grow in the South

Nuts are one of the most prodigious food groups out there. These are the finest nuts trees to grow in the south for all the knowledgeable green thumbs out there! But other than filling our stomachs with flavorful goodness, nuts are responsible for some of the strongest fixtures in our gardens.


Amid the holiday baking season, decadent pies are always a hit for the post-meal snack. One of the most scrumptious and desired pastries is the pecan pie, making it the ideal nut to grow. Generally, you can find pecans throughout the southeastern part of the country. As a matter of fact, there are well over 100,000 pecan trees in the great state of Georgia alone, making it the elite pecan producer in the United States. That’s why you should plant a pecan tree.

Harvesting time for pecans is between October and November. During this time, the nut will make its way out of its shell, ready for use. Outside of being delicious, pecan wood is valuable because you can create various forms of cabinetry.

Shagbark Hickory

The shagbark hickory is one of the better versions of the hickory trees that call the Southeast home. This hickory tree gets its name because of its unique flaking bark and grows upward to 80 feet tall. While the nuts are edible, their most prominent use is for woodworking and other craftsmanship. The wooden handles of your tools are like this form of hickory. Other benefits include smoking meat and firewood.

Allegheny Chinkapin Chestnut

What else are you going to roast on an open fire? This yummy nut fulfills humans and wildlife alike. This tree is a smaller one, considering it seldomly reaches 20 feet tall. Since fungus and other circumstances destroyed the American chestnut, the sweet and savory chinkapin is the chestnut of choice. Outside of satisfying our tastebuds, deer, chipmunks, and rabbits will scarf them down.

Black Walnut

The black walnut seems to be slowly going extinct. A few centuries ago, black walnuts were abundant, considering laborers used them for railroad construction. Unfortunately, this nut is rapidly disappearing in the Southeastern part of the country, so there’s a demand for them.

These options are some of the finest nut trees to grow in the south for edible consumption or expert artistry. Producing your own nuts is an excellent way to ensure they are top-notch, figuring you will provide them the tender love and care they need.