The Importance of Oiling Farm Equipment

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The Importance of Oiling Farm Equipment

One of the beautiful things about retirement is the ability to do all the things that you couldn’t do during your career days. For some, that means gallivanting across the country in an RV. For others, it means enjoying some quality time with a fishing pole.

But for those who miss the satisfaction of a hard day’s work but not the drudgery of an office job, the best way to spend retirement is to start your own hobby farm. But don’t let the word “hobby” fool you. You must keep up on maintenance, especially for your equipment. That’s why aspiring hobby farmers should consider the importance of oiling farm equipment.

Protect Equipment From Damage

Think of farm equipment as a body and the metal parts as the joints. In a healthy body, protective tissue keeps the bones from rubbing together and wearing themselves out. Gear oil is that protective tissue. Without it, your machine’s parts will crash against each other and wearing themselves down quickly.

Keep in mind what they say about oil and water—they don’t mix. A well-lubricated machine will resist the ravages of moisture, protecting it from corrosion and rust.

Reduce Costs

Machines that are resistant to damage will experience less downtime. That reduces costs in two ways. First, you won’t have to take your tractor to the shop as often. That’s less money for new parts and the labor to install them.

But downtime doesn’t only cost you money in repairs. When your tractor is out of commission, you can’t work on your field, which could cause you to lose crops.

Improve Equipment Performance

But the importance of oiling farm equipment doesn’t end with helping a machine work in general. The machinery will actually work better. Well-lubricated farm equipment moves more smoothly, which allows you to work more efficiently.

While the point of a hobby farm isn’t really to focus on efficiency and turning a profit, you should enjoy the work. Avoid frustrations with equipment that stays in top shape.