The Importance of Replacing Worn Skid Steer Tracks

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The Importance of Replacing Worn Skid Steer Tracks

Skid steers are great pieces of equipment to have for construction projects or even some landscaping endeavors. However, while we all know that maintaining these machines is vital to their success, it’s still all too common for us to overlook upkeep. It’s easy to convince ourselves that even old skid steer tracks are fully operational. But this simply isn’t the case. This is the importance of replacing worn skid steer tracks. Learn the benefits you gain from this procedure.

Increased Operational Safety

First, switching out your old tracks for newer models can improve the overall safety of your machine. This is because worn tracks no longer have the necessary level of shock absorption to protect against damage. As your equipment experiences breakage from the stress of your job, it slowly becomes less safe for you to operate. Damaged skid steers have an increased risk of malfunctioning and injuring you in the process. So equipping them with a quality set of rubber tracks every so often can ensure you make it through the day unscathed.

Better Overall Performance

A new set of skid steer tracks can also help improve your skid steer’s performance capabilities. Fresh tracks have unworn treads and fully protective inner cording. This makes them much stronger than used models and better at sustaining traction on the ground. Altogether, these abilities strengthen the overall balance of your skid steer, allowing it to yield more efficient results. This is also true in the case of walk-behind skid steers, as they require just as much balancing to best lift materials.

Reduced Project Downtime

Regularly replacing your skid steer tracks can help minimize the amount of downtime your equipment experiences as well. As previously mentioned, the new rubber tracks can absorb the impact from rough terrain as your skid steer moves, cutting down on damage. So, when your machine does need maintenance, the necessary work isn’t nearly as extensive. This allows you to get things back up and running again in no time at all.

Prolonged Equipment Lifespan

The importance of replacing worn skid steer tracks is especially clear, though, when you consider what they do for the machine’s lifespan. With less sustained damage to your equipment, each vital component stays fully operational for much longer. This increases the amount of time you can use the equipment before needing to purchase replacements. Prolonged equipment lifespans can help you do more than make more efficient use of them; they can also reduce operating costs for the extra years you have the machines.