The Most Common Causes of Auto Body Damage

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The Most Common Causes of Auto Body Damage

Everybody tries to keep their vehicle in good condition. Not only does a well-maintained car look nice, but it provides a better sense of security when driving it. Cars that take cosmetic damage have a greater risk of structural breakdowns, which hurts their resale value. If you’re wondering what type of external hazards pose the most considerable risks to your vehicle, read on. Here are some of the most common causes of auto body damage.

Auto Accidents

The most frequent, and, unfortunately, the most troublesome, cause of damage to your vehicle comes from an accident. Some accidents are minor. For instance, the person in the car parked next to you can open their door too hard and cause a dent. Sometimes you may accidentally back into a pole and cause some minor bumper damage. The worst case is when you find yourself in a collision on the road with other drivers, which can damage cars, drivers, and any passengers. Unfortunately, there’s no way to eliminate all auto accidents from the road, but remaining vigilant can help reduce the risk of them happening.


Weather can often cause some damage to our vehicles, particularly frequent sunlight exposure damaging the paint. However, a much more significant concern in some areas is denting due to hailstones. Many hailstones are small and do little damage, but it’s also possible to have some that are several inches in diameter, which can lead to problems. Therefore, after a particularly fierce hailstorm, you may want to assess the hail damage on your vehicle and take the next steps toward fixing those dents.

Damaged Roads

We often think about a damaged vehicle in terms of dents and scratches on the main body. However, one of the most common causes of auto body damage occurs on your vehicle’s underside. Driving on damaged roads with a lot of gravel or potholes can kick up rocks that chip away at your suspension system and your car’s underside. When you’re driving on uneven roads or roads with lots of debris, slow down so as not to kick up as much and reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle.